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Pressure switch

DSB with pressure gauge
DSB with pressure gauge
Product series DSB consists of mechanical-piston pressure switches designed for use with NLGI Grade 1-2 greases. The location of the actuating piston inside the pressure switch housing helps to ensure a continuous exchange of grease around the measuring point. This reliably prevents the same grease from being pressurized repeatedly, which could cause lubricant soap and oil separation, also known as grease bleeding.
Based on the application, the pressure switch can be configured as a single or double design and with or without a measurement connector or pressure gauge. The pressure switch generally is installed upstream of the last lubricant distributor.

Features and benefits:
  • Available in pre-adjusted versions ranging from 20 to 400 bar (290 to 5 800 psi)
  • Prevents oil separation-related faults
  • Reliable micro-switch technology with change-over contact (NO and NC)
  • Includes built-in manifold for continuous lubricant flow without dead volume
  • IP 65 protection rating, corrosivity category C3 or C5-M

Configure the product according your needs, download the CAD file

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