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Multipoint automatic lubricators

SKF Multipoint automatic lubricators
SKF MultiPoint Lubricators are designed to simultaneously feed several points within short distances with the same type of grease.
These ready-to-use centralised lubrication systems can be installed without any additional assistance and require no special training to be configured.

System description:
An electric pump is used to supply up to 20 points requiring the same lubricant.
Power sources options include batteries, DC and 110-240 V 50/60 Hz.
  • LAGD 400: For less-demanding applications. The reservoir contains a conventional grease cartridge that can be simply replaced once empty, or refilled through the grease fitting
  • LAGD 1000: For higher consumption, number of points of harsher conditions.
  • Series of lubrication points with similar requirements
  • Components requiring large amounts of grease
  • Critical applications requiring continuous monitoring or machine steering

Lubricadores automáticos SKF MultiPoint

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