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SKF bearing greases: The perfect solution for every application

Even the very best bearing can only show optimum performance when it is lubricated correctly. Here, it is extremely important to choose the right bearing grease and to apply the most suitable lubrication intervals and methods. This realisation has prompted SKF, the world’s leading manufacturer of rolling bearings, to look intensively into the subject of lubrication. SKF engineers consider grease to be a “fundamental” component of the bearing arrangement and thus, as important as the bearing, housing and sealing.

SKF’s vast experience in the development of rolling bearings forms the basis for the development of a special range of lubricants, the superior quality of which is obtained through continuous testing and studies.

The strict standards and testing parameters developed and applied at the SKF Engineering and Research Centre have become internationally recognised benchmarks for bearing greases. The comprehensive range of SKF bearing greases is the result of many decades of research and development. Each individual lubricant is precisely adjusted to the respective field of application.
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