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Semiconductor process tools

The semiconductor industry requires consistent process results, high throughput, high reliability and extreme cleanliness. To address these challenges, major semiconductor equipment manufacturers are choosing magnetic bearings.

Our customers have been able to improve process results by:

  • Accessing both sides of the wafer
  • Adjusting the position of the wafer based on process feedback
  • Rotating without contact - no particles, no lubrication, no wear 
  • Repeatable and precise wafer positioning and speed control
Turbomolecular pump

SKF has delivered innovative solutions to semiconductor tool makers for 200mm, 300mm and 450mm silicon wafer platforms. 

Our magnetic bearings and drive systems have a proven record of meeting the stringent standards of the semiconductor industry and have a demonstrated MTBF > 800,000 hours.  

Furthermore, they are the solution of choice for turbomolecular vacuum pumps with more than 120,000 references in semiconductor, flat panel and solar cell manufacturing equipment.

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