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Counterfeit Bearings Seminar

How to protect your business from being damaged by counterfeit

SKF Hellas has the honor to invite you on Wednesday 4th March 2015, 18.30 hrs at Metropolitan Hotel, to an exclusive seminar with the theme:

Counterfeit bearings - How to protect your business from being damaged by counterfeit

This seminar will focus on high downtime costs and safety issues linked to the use of counterfeit products.

Counterfeit industrial products is a fast growing problem in the shipping industry. Companies that import counterfeit bearings from Asia are able to keep a very high margin on the products when they are sold as genuine bearings of a premium brand. The level of resemblance in very high and you need a real expert eye to spot the difference. However, the quality level is unpredictable and for shipping companies that have accidentally bought counterfeit bearings they could cause severe damages to your business operation.

This event will give you an insight to the counterfeit industry and its dimensions. You will return from this event with valuable knowledge about the myths of the counterfeit trade and how to see through the smoke screens put up by the companies dealing with counterfeits. You will also learn about the various types of counterfeits, and how to separate the issue of fake products from trademark infringements and low-cost generic copies. Most importantly, this event will show how you best avoid getting cheated.

After the seminar a cocktail will follow and you will have the opportunity to talk to representatives of SKF.

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