Smart Housing

Published date: 2004 January 01
Publication ID: EVOL_2004_E1_EN_3
Author: Anna Bolin, Annika Lidstrom
Format: PDF
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the integrated sensor solution

Smart Housing is a system offered by SKF that allows customers to monitor and control critical machine processes using an integrated sensor system. This simplifies the way in which key parameters such as temperature, speed and vibration can be measured and tracked by external condition monitoring and process control systems. The product has already been tested in the harsh environment of materials handling, where it is used within a conveyor system to provide capital information on the operation as aggregates are loaded onto barges for transportation. SKF believes that the Smart Housing fulfils a need in a number of critical applications including fans and industrial machinery. The benefits of an integrated sensor system within a housing include better information about the process, improved reliability and increased safety.

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