SKF renews contract with Ferrari

2009 April 02, 16:36 CET

A partnership and technical cooperation of more than 60 years was celebrated by SKF together with Ferrari by signing the Formula One contract on February 24, 2009. The contract is valid for 3 years and this agreement continues to strengthen the long lasting relationship between the two companies.
The number of components supplied by SKF for one Ferrari F1 car is around 150. The deep technical knowledge and experience of SKF has been used to support the development of a number of innovative and advanced systems for Ferrari F1 over the years. One of this year’s special developments is the new energy efficient KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) installed by Ferrari in its new F60 for the 2009 race season. The KERS unit recovers dissipated braking energy, stores it in a battery and releases it when necessary in order to boost the engine power to accelerate or overtake. The KERS developed by Ferrari utilizes specially developed SKF bearings that are exposed to extremely high accelerations and loads and, in tests, have experienced peak temperatures of over 200° C.  The new bearings for this application utilize SKF knowledge of bearing design, steel compositions, coating materials, and advanced system simulation and calculation tools.

The development of the KERS unit will most likely mean new opportunities that can be transferred from this exciting motor sport to the standard car industry. Yet another example of how Formula One racing represents an extraordinary and fast test bed of new technologies.

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