SKF Distributor College – Certificate number 60,000 awarded to Ms Suan Keow Yam, SLS Bearings ( S ) Pte Ltd, Singapore

2009 July 13, 13:30 CET

Singapore - Ms Suan Keow Yam from SLS Bearings (S) Pte Ltd passed the course titled "Paper Industry" on 9 May 2009, and became the recipient of the 60,000th certificate awarded in SKF Distributor College.

In commenting on this, Ms Yam explained, "The features in SKF Distributor College are very user friendly which makes learning so much easier. As a result, I frequently use it to enhance my knowledge of SKF products which benefit me a lot in my daily work."

Besides the above course, Ms Yam also completed other courses within the Bearings and related products and Lubrication Systems areas.

SKF Distributor College was initiated in 2001 and offers today more than 30 online training courses for SKF Authorized Distributors and SKF employees. Its goal is to enable distributors to be better able to support their customers through training in the proper use of SKF products and services, as well as the critical applications in which they will be used. Business and sales courses are also available.

Each participant who successfully completes a course receives a certificate as proof of this. Ms Yam received a commemorative certificate from Mr. Vartan Vartanian, President of Service Division.


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