SKF releases the key figures reflecting the new organizational structure

2012 April 04, 12:00 CET

As of 1 January 2012 SKF has formed the following three new business areas to address the market, and which replace the former divisions (release 17 January 2012).

SKF Industrial Market, Strategic Industries consists of seven business units with full responsibility for sales to both OEM and end users, as well as business development, manufacturing, and engineering. The business units are: Aerospace, Renewable Energy, Industrial Drives (comprising the Industrial Electrical, Fluid, Transmission and Material Handling segments), Off-highway, Traditional Energy, Precision (comprising the Machine Tool, Medical & Automation segments), and Railways. In addition, the SKF Lubrication business unit is part of this business area.

SKF Industrial Market, Regional Sales and Service is responsible for sales to both OEM and end-users, as well as business development and engineering for the Metals, Pulp and Paper, Mining and Cement, Food and Beverage, and Marine segments. It will also focus on developing advanced services and solutions that improve customer productivity, as well as on developing the SKF sales channels with primary responsibility for SKF distributors and channel partners.

SKF Automotive is supporting the Cars and light trucks, Trucks, Vehicle service market, Two-wheelers and Electrical markets. It is also responsible for SKF Sealing Solutions.

The previously published figures for the divisions for 2010 and 2011 have now been restated to reflect this new operational structure. New intra-Group pricing principles have also been introduced from 1 January 2012, which change the profit split between the manufacturing and sales units. To enable comparison the new pricing principles have been applied also in the restated figures for 2010 and 2011. As usual the operating margin is calculated on total sales including intra-Group sales. The increase in intra-Group sales compared to earlier published figures is a result of the new structure.

SKF Industrial Market, Strategic Industries

Q1/10Q2/10Q3/10Q4/10Full year
Q1/11Q2/11Q3/11Q4/11Full year
Net sales4,1014,2824,4694,35817,2105,2235,2425,2125,13020,807
Sales incl. intra-Group sales6,9317,3347,5387,27829,0818,3868,4238,5568,24833,613
Operating profit7809961,1039773,8561,2641,2341,1551,0334,686
Operating margin11.3%13.6%14.6%13.4%13.3%15.1%14.7%13.5%12.5%13.9%
Assets and liabilities,net14,90515,33614,33822,43122,43121,68522,07023,21522,90522,905
Registered number of employees16,93716,95617,12119,16919,16919,39219,49119,55219,38819,388

SKF Industrial Market, Regional Sales and Service

Q1/10Q2/10Q3/10Q4/10Full year
Q1/11Q2/11Q3/11Q4/11Full year
Net sales5,5986,1576,0526,14923,9566,3546,4576,5106,54725,868
Sales incl. intra-Group sales5,6796,2376,1356,23624,2876,4506,5526,6136,63426,249
Operating profit5316326687722,6037408308418603,271
Operating margin9.4%10.1%10.9%12.4%10.7%11.5%12.7%12.7%13.0%12.5%
Assets and liabilities,net5,5315,9955,2725,5435,5435,6946,0985,9386,0966,096
Registered number of employees6,0105,9856,0546,1166,1166,2306,3366,3896,5116,511
SKF Automotive

Q1/10Q2/10Q3/10Q4/10Full year
Q1/11Q2/11Q3/11Q4/11Full year
Net sales4,4514,9194,5964,55218,5184,7634,6384,4424,20018,043
Sales incl. intra-Group sales5,4205,9975,6465,59022,6535,8365,6995,4555,15822,148
Operating profit4215904804431,934541482360941,477
Operating margin7.8%9.8%8.5%7.9%8.5%9.3%8.5%6.6%1.8%6.7%
Assets and liabilities,net8,6918,7038,1878,2298,2298,1298,4508,9808,6868,686
Registered number of employees13,95214,30714,77814,85214,85214,34914,78215,02414,81114,811

Gothenburg, 4 April 2012
Aktiebolaget SKF

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