C0basic static load rating [kN]
  • single bearings (→ product table)
  • matched bearing pairs (→ Load carrying capacity of matched bearing pairs)
dmbearing mean diameter [mm]
= 0,5 (d + D)
elimit for the load ratio depending on the relationship f0 Fa/C0
(table 1, table 2)
f0calculation factor (→ product table)
Faaxial load [kN]
Frradial load [kN]
Frmminimum radial load [kN]
krminimum load factor (→ product table)
nrotational speed [r/min]
Pequivalent dynamic bearing load [kN]
P0equivalent static bearing load [kN]
Xcalculation factor for the radial load (table 1)
Y, Y1, Y2calculation factors for the axial load depending on the relationship f0 Fa/C0 (table 1, table 2)
νactual operating viscosity of the lubricant [mm2/s]
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