Product data

Dimension standardsISO 2982-2:2013, except for the width
Grub screw: ISO 4026:2003, material class 45H
TolerancesMetric thread, 5H: ISO 965-3:1998
Mating shaft threads
6g: ISO 965-3:1998
Loosening torque
KMFE lock nuts are held in place on a shaft (sleeve) by friction. The amount of friction can vary, depending on the amount of torque applied to the grub (set) screw (locking screw) during installation, the surface finish of the shaft (sleeve) thread, the amount of lubricant on the thread, etc. The lock nuts should be properly installed and there should be only a limited amount of lubricant on the thread.

KMFE lock nuts provide sufficient locking for intended bearing applications.

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