Product data

Dimension standardsISO 965-3:1998
Locking screws: DIN 912-12.9
TolerancesMetric thread, 5H: ISO 965-3:1998
Maximum axial run-out locating face / thread: 0,005 mm
Mating shaft threads (recommendation)Metric thread, 6g: ISO 965-3:1998
For sizes 11 and 12: sintered steel (designation suffix P)
Loosening torque

KMD lock nuts are held in place on a shaft by friction. The amount of friction can vary, depending on the amount of torque applied to the axial locking screws during installation, the surface finish of the shaft thread, the amount of lubricant on the thread, etc.

Experience shows that the locking mechanism of KMD lock nuts is more than adequate for typical machine tool applications, provided the lock nuts are properly installed and there is only a limited amount of lubricant on the thread.

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