SKF bearing housings are supplied with various seals, depending on the type of housing. Where the split plummer block housings are concerned there is generally a choice of seals. The available seal types include
  • labyrinth seals
  • double-lip seals
  • V-ring seals
  • radial shaft seals
  • relubricable heavy duty "taconite" seals
  • special oil seals

as well as combinations of seals.

Labyrinth seals

Labyrinth seals (fig 1) are suitable for high speed operation and seal well except against liquid spray.

Double-lip seals and radial shaft seals

Double-lip seals (fig 2) and radial shaft seals (fig 3) are contact seals and provide reliable sealing against most media. The operating speed is limited by the permissible circumferential speed for the sealing lip(s) as for all contact seals.

V-ring seals

V-ring seals (fig 4) seal axially and are thus not dependent for their efficiency on the quality of the shaft counterface in contrast to radial shaft seals, for example. V-rings are also suitable for use on vertical shafts although care must be taken that they face in the right direction.

"Taconite" seals

These heavy-duty seals can be relubricated and are made up of several sealing elements. Fig 5 shows a TSN .. ND seal.