Bearings on adapter sleeves and smooth shafts

This type of arrangement where bearings are mounted on adapter sleeves and smooth shafts (fig 1) is probably the most popular arrangement especially for smaller bearings and provides an economic solution.


  • Commercial drawn shafting to tolerance h9 can be used without further machining.
  • The shafts have maximum strength as there are no steps or undercuts to weaken them.
  • The bearing can be mounted at any position along the shaft.
  • The force to drive the bearing up on the sleeve is some 40% lower than for other types of sleeve mounting as friction only occurs between two mating surfaces.
  • Bearing clearance can be adjusted, within certain limits, to the operating conditions during mounting.


  • The support of long shafts at more than two positions.
  • The support of shafts on which other components are also attached by clamping or tensioning devices so that machining is not required.
  • Bearing arrangements where the final position of the bearing cannot be accurately prescribed prior to mounting.