Lubrication and maintenance

The standard bearings of SKF Y-bearing units are charged with a high-quality long life lithium/calcium base grease of NLGI class 2 consistency. This grease is
  • extremely water resistant
  • has a long life even under heavy loads
The technical data are provided in table.
Generally, therefore, relubrication is not required. However, if relubrication is required, it is recommended to use the SKF grease LGWA 2 which is fully compatible with the original grease.
The multi-purpose SKF greases LGMT 2 and LGMT 3 are also compatible with the original grease and may be used for relubrication.
Y-TECH plummer block and flanged units of the NTH and NTR/VE495 executions are fitted with bearings of stainless steel and bearings with zinc coated bearing rings, respectively, and stainless steel flingers. These bearings are filled with a special non-toxic grease which is made from FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approved raw materials and is approved by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) for Category H1 use (occasional contact with foodstuffs). The grease also
  • has very good rust inhibiting properties
  • is particularly resistant to being washed out
The technical data can be found in table.