Ball bearing units - general

Y-bearing units

Standard SKF ball bearing units are referred to as Y-bearing units. These units comprise
  • a Y-bearing (insert bearing) which is a single row deep groove ball bearing with convex sphered outside diameter (fig a)
  • a Y-bearing housing, which has a correspondingly sphered but concave bore (fig b).

Y-bearing units are ready-to-mount, greased and sealed units which enable initial errors of alignment to be compensated for.
Y-bearing units consist of a housing, bearing and seal that is preassembled and greased at the factory. These ready-to-mount units can accommodate moderate initial misalignment but normally do not enable axial displacement of the shaft.
Y-bearing units offer a simple, cost-effective solution that can provide a number of benefits.
Product range features
  • Designed for quick, easy and safe mounting
  • Sealed, greased and ready to mount
  • Multiple sealing solutions available
  • Maintenance-free variants available
  • Available in different designs, materials and sizes
  • Standard and food grade greases available In accordance with ISO
User benefints
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Long bearing service life
  • Reduced noise and vibration levels
  • Quick, easy and safe to replace
Because of their versatility, and cost effectiveness, Y-bearings are typically found in the following applications:
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Food and beverage processing and packaging
  • Conveyor systems
  • Material handling systems
  • Textile equipment
  • Industrial fans
  • Special machinery (e.g. car wash systems, gym equipment, go-karts)

Designs and Variants


Y-bearing unit designs
They are available as
  • Y-bearing plummer block units (fig c)
  • Y-bearing flanged units (fig d)
  • Y-bearing take-up units (fig e).
The housings of the units are produced in a variety of designs and different materials

Locking methods

There is a choice of five different methods by which an SKF Y-bearings can can be located onto a shaft:
Eccentric locking systems
  • Grub screws: YAR and YAT design (fig 1)
  • Eccentric locking collar: YEL and YET design (fig 2)
Concentric locking systems
  • Adapter sleeve locking collar: YSA design (fig 3)
  • SKF ConCentra locking: YSP design
  • Interference fit: 172 design (fig 4)

Superior sealing performance

The seals used in SKF Y-bearing units are designed to meet a variety of industry and application requirements.

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