The speeds at which Y-bearings and units can operate depend on the method used to lock the bearings on the shaft and on the seals.
Where grub screw locking or an eccentric locking collar is used, the permissible operating speeds depend on the shaft tolerance. The higher the figure following the tolerance symbol h, the lower the permissible speed. Guideline values for the speed ratings are provided in table. For bearings of the 2RF design with rubberised flingers, the permissible speeds are some 60% of the values quoted for tolerance h6.
For Y-bearings on adapter sleeves the permissible speeds depend on the seals, as for sealed deep groove ball bearings. The speed ratings are provided in the product tables and also in table to enable easy comparison.
The speed ratings for Y-bearings and units for inch shafts are the same as those for the same basic metric bearing.
Y-bearings and units for extreme temperatures, VA201 and VA228 designs, are intended for applications where speeds do not exceed 100 r/min.