Permissible operating temperatures

The permissible operating temperatures for Y-bearing units are determined primarily by the bearings they incorporate, the cage material, the seal material(s) and the grease with which they are lubricated.
The permissible operating temperature ranges are as follows:
  • standard bearings: –20 to +110 °C
  • standard bearings with food grade grease (NTH and NTR variants): –45 to +120 °C
  • standard bearings in pressed steel housings with RIS inserts: –20 to +100 °C
  • bearings for high temperatures, VA201 design: –40 to +250 °C
  • bearings for high temperatures, VA228 design: –150 to +350 °C
If Y-bearing units are required to operate for long periods at temperatures above 70 °C it is advisable to use Y-bearing units with cast housing as these can be relubricated. Relubrication should be frequent.