Load carrying ability

Plummer block roller bearing units are designed for radial loads acting in the direction of the support surface. Guideline values for the breaking load P of housings in SKF ConCentra units in the SYNT series for various load directions are listed in the table.
If heavy loads are expected, additional supports are recommended to relieve the attachment bolts of the load.
Using the values in the table, the permissible load for the housings in the SYNT series can be obtained by applying a safety factor that depends on the operating conditions and reliability requirements. A safety factor of 6 is typically used for general applications.

Axial holding power for metric SKF ConCentra units

The axial holding power of a metric SKF ConCentra roller bearing unit depends on the friction between the shaft and the locking device. It is therefore also dependent on the number of grub screws in the mounting collar (table).
When mounted correctly, the bearing units can withstand typical shock loads equivalent to the requisite axial holding force. However, the maximum operating axial load is limited by the rated bearing life through the equivalent bearing load P (see the section Equivalent dynamic bearing load).

Axial holding power for units with a locking collar

The axial holding power of roller bearing units with a locking collar is determined by the size of the grub screws. Guideline values for these units are provided in the table. The values are valid for unhardened shafts and when the grub screws have been tightened to the recommended tightening torque.