Metric SKF ConCentra units

With numerous applications and varying requirements, SKF ConCentra roller bearing units need to be versatile. There are four metric variants to choose from; each designed to accommodate typical application conditions:
  • general
  • high-speed
  • extreme environment
  • relubrication-free
Each variant contains an SKF Explorer E-design spherical roller bearing in the 222 series and the SKF ConCentra stepped sleeve, but may differ from each other by the housing series, type of seal and type of grease.

Selection of bearing unit variant

When selecting the variant of metric SKF ConCentra units, always consider the relubrication-free variant first as this is the most economical bearing unit. If this variant is not suitable for the application, consider the general variant as the next option.
The housing series is typically determined by the design of the application. The type of grease is specific to the unit variant. However, when selecting the type of seal, the most important points to consider are:
  • operating temperature
  • permissible circumferential speed at the seal lip (except for labyrinth seals)
  • suitability to the environmental conditions
Details about the metric SKF ConCentra bearing unit variants are provided in the table.