SKF DryLube bearings

Re-lubrication free operation in temperatures up to 350°C

Spherical roller bearing in SKF DryLube bearing execution
SKF DryLube bearings are designed to reduce machine operating costs, extend maintenance intervals and provide a high degree of operational reliability even at temperatures up to 350°C. SKF DryLube bearings are filled with a dry lubricant, based on graphite, molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) and a resin binder. The dry lubricant is injected into the free space of the bearing and cured until it solidifies (fig 1). The dry lubricant maintains a very thin film on the raceways and rolling elements to avoid metal-to-metal contact and can also protect the rolling elements and raceways from damage caused by solid contaminants.

SKF DryLube bearings provide the following benefits:

  • effective lubrication for extreme temperature applications
  • low start-up torque at any temperature and low frictional moment during operation
  • higher speed capabilites than bearings for extreme temperatures with a graphite cage
  • lubricated for the life of the bearing
  • minimal lubricant loss
  • suitable for extremly slow rotating speeds and oscillating movements
  • improved worker safety and environmentally friendly compared to many oils and greases

Typical applications where SKF DryLube bearings are used include:

  • metal industry (rolls in bloom and billet casters, cooling and roll out tables, guide rolls in bar mills, reheating furnaces rolls, sinter machine wheels)
  • industrial ovens (kiln truck wheel bearings and bearings for hardening and annealing ovens)
  • food and beverage industry (ovens, smokehouse conveyor lines, wafer machines, sterilization equipment)
  • paint lines for automotive and powder coating
  • paper industry (paper converting lines, rope sheaves)
  • oil and gas (applications with aggressive media)


SKF DryLube bearings
Most SKF rolling bearings and bearing units can be supplied as SKF DryLube bearings
Most SKF rolling bearings and bearing units can be supplied as SKF DryLube bearings provided the bearing is fitted with a sheet metal cage and is available with internal clearance greater than Normal.
The assortment of SKF DryLube bearings mentioned in this catalogue includes:
  • deep groove ball bearings
  • Y-bearings (insert bearings)
  • angular contact ball bearings
  • cylindrical roller bearings
  • tapered roller bearings
  • spherical roller bearings
  • thrust ball bearings
  • spherical roller thrust bearings
For self-aligning ball bearings or customized units filled with dry lubricant, contact the SKF application engineering service.
For the assortment of deep groove ball bearings and Y-bearings with dry lubricant or high-temperature lubricants, not described here, refer to the section Bearings for extreme temperatures.