Dismounting bearings fitted on a withdrawal sleeve

When dismounting a bearing fitted on a withdrawal sleeve, the locking device (e.g. lock nut, end plate etc.) has to be removed.
Small and medium-size bearings can be dismounted with a lock nut and a hook or impact spanner (fig. 1).
Medium- and large-size bearings fitted on a withdrawal sleeve can be easily dismounted with a hydraulic nut. SKF strongly recommends providing a stop behind the hydraulic nut at the shaft end (fig. 2). The stop prevents the withdrawal sleeve and hydraulic nut from shooting off the shaft if the sleeve separates suddenly from its seat.
Withdrawal sleeves with a bore diameter ≥ 200 mm are provided, as standard, with two oil supply ducts and distribution grooves in both the bore and outside surface. When using the oil injection method, two hydraulic pumps or oil injectors and appropriate extension pipes are needed (fig. 3).
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