The inner rings with roller and cage assembly and outer rings of SKF tapered roller bearings having the same designation are interchangeable. The tolerance for the total abutment width T of the bearing will not be exceeded if the cones and cups are interchanged.

Metric bearings

SKF single row metric tapered roller bearings are manufactured to Normal tolerances as standard. Some bearings are also available with reduced width tolerance to tolerance class CLN specifications. Bearings having a J in the prefix are produced as standard to tolerance class CLN specifications.
All bearings having an outside diameter above 420 mm have dimensional accuracy to tolerance class Normal specifications but the running accuracy is better than Normal, being to P6 specifications.
The values for Normal and CLN tolerances correspond to ISO 492:2014 (classes Normal and 6X). The values for P6 running accuracy are in accordance with DIN 620-3:1964, which was withdrawn in 1988.

Inch bearings

SKF single row inch tapered roller bearings are produced to Normal tolerances as standard. On request, they may be supplied with higher accuracy to CL3 or CL0 tolerance class specifications and/or reduced width tolerances. Cones and cups having a width tolerance that differs from the Normal tolerance are identified by a designation suffix according to table where the actual tolerance values are provided.
The values for CL3, CL0 and Normal tolerances conform to ANSI/ABMA Standard 19.2-1994. The ISO standard 578:1987, which also covered these tolerance classes, was withdrawn in 1997.

CL7C specification bearings

The tolerances for CL7C specification bearings correspond to Normal tolerances except for the running accuracy which has been tightened considerably.