Dual laser infrared and contact thermometer

Dual laser infrared and contact thermometer TKTL 30
SKF Infrared digital thermometer TKTL 30

A contact and non contact infrared thermometer with a wide measurement range and dual laser sighting 

  • Dual laser sighting feature defines the diameter of the area being measured; helps the user to precisely pin-point the temperature measurement area
  • Supplied with temperature probe TMDT 2-30 (max. 900 °C (1 652 °F)); suitable for many direct contact applications
  • Can be used with any SKF temperature probe
  • User selectable, multiple temperature measurement modes including: maximum, minimum, average, differential and probe/infrared dual display, scan function
  • User selectable high and level alarm levels with audible warning signal
  • Mode dependant auto shut off feature optimises battery life
  • Temperature range using infrared: –60 to +1 000 °C (–76 to +1 832 °F)
  • Temperature range using probe: –64 to +1 400 °C (–83 to +1 999 °F)
  • Distance to spot size: 50:1 
  • Emissivity pre-set: 0,1–1,0
  • Supplied in a sturdy carrying case
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