Dual laser infrared and contact video thermometer

Video infrared and contact thermometer TKTL 40
Video infrared and contact thermometer TKTL 40

An infrared and contact temperature thermometer with video and data logging capabilities

  • Built-in camera allows pictures and videos, with all measurement information to be taken, stored, recalled and exported to PC
  • Environmental properties such as ambient, dew point and wet-bulb temperatures, as well as relative humidity, can be displayed and stored
  • Dual laser sighting defines the temperature measurement area
  • Supplied with temperature probe TMDT 2-30 (max. 900 °C (1 652 °F))for direct contact applications. 
  • Can also be used with any other SKF temperature probe
  • User selectable, multiple temperature measurement modes including: maximum, minimum, average, differential and probe/infrared dual display
  • Data logging function can be used to visualise temperature changes over time
  • User selectable high and low alarm levels with audible warning signal
  • User selectable auto shut off feature optimises the rechargeable battery life
  • Temperature range using infrared: –50 to +1 000 °C (–58 to +1 832 °F)
  • Temperature range using probe: –50 to +1 370 °C (–58 to +2 498 °F)
  • Distance to spot size: 50:1
  • Emissivity pre-set: 0,1–1,0
  • Supplied in a sturdy carrying case (fig. 1)
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