Electric motor test and monitoring solutions

Improve motor performance and longevity while reducing unplanned downtime with electrical test and monitoring solutions from SKF

Mechanical (bearing) problems are the root causes for most motor failures. The second most common cause of premature motor failure, however, involves weakened motor insulation that leads to an electrical fault inside a motor--which almost always results in a smoking, ruined motor. 

Routine electrical testing and monitoring of industrial motors substantially reduces unexpected premature failures. SKF, with more than 50 years of electric motor test product development and experience, provides a full spectrum of electrical test equipment for testing and monitoring motor condition. Maintenance professionals in industrial organizations around the world rely upon SKF Static Motor Analyzers and SKF Dynamic Motor Analyzers to identify motor insulation and performance problems before a motor can prematurely fail and causes costly unplanned downtime. Motor repair and rebuild shops use SKF motor analyzers to verify and document motor condition upon return to a customer for service. Finally, motor original equipment manufacturers turn to SKF electric motor condition monitoring equipment to insure motors meet their stringent quality standards at the end of the production line.

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