Dry film lubricant

SKF Dry Film Lubricant LDTS 1
SKF Dry Film Lubricant LDTS 1 is specially developed for automatic lubrication of plastic flat top chain conveyors in the beverage processing industry. It adheres very well to all treated surfaces and has outstanding properties. The lubricant consists of synthetic oil and is doped with PTFE solid lubricant. LDTS 1 is NSF* H1** certified for use where incidental contact with food cannot be excluded.
  • Cost savings by eliminating high volume of water and soluble lubricant
  • Improved operator safety by reducing slip hazards
  • Quality of packaging is maintained by elimination of moisture
  • Reduced risk of product contamination minimising microbiological growth
  • Enhanced line efficiency by avoiding replacement costs and associated unplanned production stops
  • Reduced cleaning costs

Typical applications:

  • Conveyors in bottling lines using PET, carton, glass or can packages

* NSF: U.S. National Sanitation Foundation
** H1: Incidental contact with Food

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