Machines can only show optimum performance when they are properly lubricated, and selecting the right lubricant is the first step towards lubrication excellence. That is the reason for SKF to invest vast resources in research and development in this topic.

SKF understands that it is virtually impossible to select or compare greases based only on their composition. Therefore, performance tests are needed to provide crucial information.

Emcor, ROF, ROF+, V2F, R2F and Bequiet are just some of the multiple tests developed by SKF to assess the performance of lubricants under bearing operating conditions. Many of them are widely used by lubricant manufacturers worldwide.

SKF Greases and oils

SKF lubricants offer major competitive advantages

  • Designed and tested to outperform under real conditions
  • Product data include specific test results enabling a better selection
  • Strict quality control of every production batch helps ensure consistent performance
  • Quality control allows SKF to offer a five–year shelf-life* from the date of production

* SKF LGFP 2 food grade grease and SKF LGGB 2 biodegradable bearing grease offer a two-year shelf-life from the date of production