UV ink supply systems

UV inks have up to now confronted all pump manufacturers with problems that are almost impossible to resolve. However, with intensive research and development work, SKF has succeeded in finding a way to handle even the highly-sensitive UV ink in ink supply systems. A special control of the pumping strokes, seals to match the ink including lubrication and a changed surface in the pump tube now permit the pumping of highly viscous UV ink.

This process is immensely beneficial above all for the personnel working with UV ink, as it is especially important to avoid direct contact with the skin.

The options for UV ink supply are almost identical to the conventional systems and range from the pumping station with adjoining tap station, ink stirring in the fountain up to automatic ink fountain filling within the press.

The ink supply system allows several presses to be supplied with ink from one pumping station.

Tap stations

In this version with the tap station, a tap station is installed either in a central position in the printing plant or directly beside the pumps, from where the printers collect the required ink in the desired quantities.  Tap stations can be installed either with semi-automatic or manual filling.  To facilitate cleaning, the tap station is made  mainly of stainless steel and offers sufficient  shelf area for the ink tins to be filled.

Mixing stations

Packaging printing operations require an especially large number of special colours. In order to reduce the resulting vast quantities of residue inks and therefore the amount of required storage space, many printing operations have started to mix these special colors themselves.
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