Bearing heaters


Around 16% of all premature bearing failures are a result of poor fitting or using incorrect mounting techniques. Individual applications may require mechanical, heat or hydraulic mounting methods for correct and efficient bearing mounting. Selecting the correct mounting technique for your application will help you extend your bearing’s service life and reduce costs resulting from premature bearing failure, as well as potential damage to the application.

Mounting bearings using heat
Oil baths are often used for heating bearings prior to mounting. However, this method can contaminate the bearing, resulting in premature bearing failure. Today, induction heating is the most common technique for heating bearings since it allows a high degree of controllability, efficiency and safety. SKF has set the standards for the development of induction heaters for bearing applications. SKF bearing induction heaters are equipped with many features, which help prevent bearing damage during heating.


When dismounting bearings, care must be taken not to damage other machine components, such as the shaft or housing, as damage can compromise the machine’s efficiency and lifetime. Bearings are sometimes dismounted to maintain or replace other components of the machine. These bearings are often re-used. Selecting the correct dismounting methods and tools is then essential in reducing the risk of personal injuries and reducing the risk of damaging the bearing, thus allowing it to be used again. Individual applications may require mechanical, heat or hydraulic dismounting methods and tools to allow safe, correct and efficient bearing dismounting.

Dismounting using heat
The inner rings of cylindrical roller bearings generally have a tight interference fit, which requires high forces to dismount. In such cases, using a puller can cause damage to the shaft and ring, which can be hazardous to the operator. Using heating equipment facilitates easy and quick dismounting while reducing the risk of damage to the ring and shaft. SKF offers a range of heating equipment, which includes aluminium heating rings as well as adjustable and fixed induction heaters, for dismounting cylindrical roller bearing inner rings.

Online mounting and dismounting instructions

At, SKF offers a unique web-based, free of charge information service for the mounting and dismounting of SKF bearings and bearing housings in 13 languages.
This service provides step-by-step instructions for mounting and dismounting. The system also provides information on proper tools and lubricants. With this free internet service, SKF’s expertise is at your fingertips around the clock worldwide.