Electric cylinder CASM-100
SKF developed an innovative modular electric cylinder platform to address most of the applications in the automation and heavy machinery industries, mainly replacing hydraulic solutions. In this new design, instead of limiting the selection on the “linear unit - gearbox – motor” modules only, SKF takes a decisive step further. The modularity has been extended to the base component level. Within each module, the customer can select the components inside to build a custom-like solution as standard with the best performance/cost ratio.

To facilitate customers in defining their own actuator, SKF has released an online configurator – Actuator Select - on, where you can configure your optimal CASM-100 cylinder in just a few steps.

To meet any space and performance requirements, SKF provides inline and parallel gearboxes as well as AC and servomotors. All motors are equipped with specific adapters to keep the same mechanical interface, independent of the selected motor type.

This standardized interface allows customers to also attach their own preferred motor. This possibility shortens the commissioning of the application, since customers are already familiar with their specific motor and drives.

  • Electric cylinder with high modularity
  • Ball-screws or roller-screws
  • parallel gearboxes with spur gears and manual override
  • Standardized interfaces
  • High level of precision and repeatability
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Standard stroke up to 2 meters

  • For a wide range of applications with different power and lifetime requirements
  • Optimal lifetime even at very high forces
  • Mechanically fits most of the applications
  • Fits AC motors and servo motors
  • Accurate positioning (depends on the feedback system of the motor)
  • High level of flexibility in mounting the cylinders
Typical application
  • Heavy pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder replacement
  • Industrial automation
  • Metal
  • Food and beverage
  • Woodworking
  • Packaging
  • Material handling
  • Pulp and paper
  • Marine

Technical data
Max. dynamic force
82 kN
Max. static force
82 kN
Max. speed
up to 890 mm/s
100 to 2000mm
Duty cycle
up to 100%
Type of protection
IP 65
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