Made of high-grade material, the CASM is a linear unit designed to withstand even the hardest conditions. This linear unit is available with ball or trapezoidal screws, in different sizes and stroke lengths to fit the widest range of applications 

One of the CASM features lies in its sealing systems composed of:  
  • seals (wiping ring and flat seals) which provide IP54S standard protection 
  • sintered filter which compensates for pressure differences within the linear unit during movement. 
Coupled with a motor, the CASM becomes an electromechanical device. 
SKF offers diverse attachment options and several motor adapters to connect the motor of your choice. Such an advantage reduces the design and programming costs. 

Whether high speed, heavy lifting or precision is needed, CASM is the solution to meet your utmost needs.  

Due to the higher efficiency of electromechanical systems, it has become clear to replace pneumatic cylinders.
Besides tremendous energy savings (around 90%), the electromechanical solution offers many benefits such as less contamination, noise and maintenance. Consequently, using an electromechanical solutions leads to important cost savings and makes it a better choice for most applications.
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