Servo actuator SEMC is a compact and lightweight electrical cylinder with roller screw technology. The application requirements consisted of a dimensionally compact and lightweight actuator with a long lifetime, high speed and high acceleration.
The SKF solution is based on a BRC15x5 or 8 roller screw, with a full aluminum body, resulting in a very compact solution weighing less than 7 kg including the motor, but robust thanks to the roller screw technology used inside.


  1. High quality SKF planetary roller screw with 
  2. backlash elimination
  3. Aluminum body
  4. Steel push rod
  5. Male thread on push rod (customization upon request)
  6. Front mount
  7. Scraper on the front to keep out contaminants
  8. High quality SKF bearings
  9. Plug for direct grease access on roller screw nut body
  10. Pulleys/belt transmission (ratio 1:1)
  11. Servomotor

Features and Benefits

  • High performance roller screw for high speed (up to 600 mm/s) and acceleration (up to   9,5 m/s2) requests
  • High lifetime expectations, thanks to roller screw technology
  • High dynamic servomotor for high speed and acceleration requests
  • Aluminium body to save kg and limit total weight of the actuator
  • Low internal friction
  • Customized motor adapter for highest flexibility (max motor square 90 mm)
  • Optional internal anti-rotation device to prevent push tube from rotating
  • Two optional magnetic end switches fixed and sliding in a groove machined on the cylinder body
  • Optional lubricant for food grease compatibility
  • Optional in line motor assembly
  • Optional fail safe brake, absolute encoder on servomotor
  • Possible to have a recirculating roller screw inside instead of planetary one (for low lead need, 1 mm)
Technical data:
Screw lead
up to 8 mm
Nominal force
up to 7,4 kN
up to 600 mm/s
 up to 125 mm

Typical applications

  • Factory automation
  • Small presses
  • Food and beverage
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