Precision rail guide slides RSM / RSK with sliding screw

Precision rail guide slides RSM/RSK with sliding screw
RSM and RSK are hand driven slides combining precision rail guides with sliding screws for application requiring very high guiding accuracy and guiding stiffness. The precision rail guides are equipped by default with crossed rollers but are optionally available with needle rollers (designation NSM / NSK) or dry sliding liners (PSM / PSK).
The slides are manually driven using a sliding screw. 
RSM uses a micrometer knurl, RSK uses a hand crank attached to the screw end.

Features and benefits

  • Top plate longer than base plate to protect exposed guiding and screw
  • Stroke limited by endplates
  • Manual operation by lead screw (with clearance) 

Technical data

Guiding principle
precision rail guides
50 mm to 300 mm
Stroke range
25 mm to 400 mm
Side / height accuracy
4 µm / 5 µm per 100 mm
Operating temperature
-30°C to +80°C
precision rail guides with needle rollers (NSM/NSK) or dry sliding liners (PSM/PSK)

Typical applications

  • Measurement devices
  • Printing
  • Factory automation
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