Linear ball bearing tables LZAU / LZBU

Linear ball bearing table LZBU
LZAU and LZBU are non-driven slides and composed of linear ball bearings. They are used in applications with medium-high to medium requirements concerning guiding and / or positioning accuracy, but with high demand for an effective sealing. The guiding consists of four bearings in a quadro housing, acting as the top and 2 shafts to be mounted to a base plate. For effective sealing, the slides are equipped with bellow covers. 
LZAU slides are equipped with fully supported shafts, on LZBU slides the shafts are only supported at both ends.

Technical data

Guiding principle
linear ball bearings on precision shafts
100 mm to 230 mm
38 mm to 95 mm
Stroke range
120 mm to 2 565 mm
up to 5 m/s
with or without bellows

Typical applications

  • General machinery
  • Printing and packaging
  • Factory automation
  • Laser machining
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