Precision maintenance skills, part 1


SKF has designed the Precision Maintenance Skills, part 1 course to address the very real industry needs in a practical format utilizing hands-on exercises to teach and demonstrate the relationships between precision techniques and machine performance.

Course objectives

Provide information and training that enables plant personnel to increase productivity by improving the performance and reliability of rotating machinery.

Recommended for

  • Maintenance personnel responsible for machinery repairs; however, all plant personnel can benefit from the information presented in this course.
  • Managers and supervisors who oversee maintenance activities will gain an understanding of the support and tools required to become truly proactive.


RMI On-line course
  • Proactive reliability maintenance, MS113
  • Shaft alignment basics, WE140
Instructor-led courses are supported by packages of “pre-study" and "post study" materials, delivered on-line from the Knowledge Centre on You can view the support materials offered for this course by visiting our Blended learning Solutions page.
  • Proactive maintenance, MB02028
  • Balancing, MB02004
  • Sealing arrangement design guide,CR4293_E
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