SKF re-launches Israel website

2017 December 30, 10:00 CET

SKF is a company with over 100 years of history. This heritage is well-established in Israel, a country in which SKF has a long track record of doing business, especially across digital channels.  

The original SKF website in Israel was set up in the 1980’s by Mr. Ely Stern, the most senior SKF distributor in the Middle East/Africa area, as nominated during SKF’s 100 Year Jubilee in 2007. Since then, Mr Stern was kind enough to maintain and continue to develop the website on behalf of SKF.

M. Stern & Co. Engineering Equ. is one of the most senior companies in Israel on the subject of power transmission. The company has been authorised by SKF in Tel-Aviv, Israel since 1931. It deals with power transmission elements - mainly bearings - for almost 90 years and serves the biggest companies in all industrial sectors in the Israeli market, as well as small business and individuals. The company was founded by the late Moshe Stern, and is managed today by his son, Joseph Stern, and his grandson, Ely Stern.

SKF has grown to become a market leader in Israel, largely thanks to its network of authorized distributors such as Mr. Stern’s business.

SKF is very proud of the long-standing relationships we have developed with our authorized distributors. Here you can find our entire SKF distributor network.

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