“I particularly enjoy meeting customers and my job allows plenty scope for this.”

Christian - Business Development
Christian - Business Development
Christian is Online and Protection Systems Manager for Condition Monitoring at our facility in Bogota, Colombia. After graduating as a Mechatronics Engineer and working for three and a half years as an SKF Customer Service Engineer, Christian moved into his current role where his main responsibilities include visiting customers, identifying needs and getting involved in bidding processes. We asked Christian what the most satisfying part of his job is?

"I particularly enjoy meeting customers and my job allows plenty scope for this. It’s my responsibility to make sure they understand that SKF is not just there to make the sale – I have to clearly convey the message that SKF is a full solutions provider."

What initially attracted you to SKF as an employer?

"The company is very well known worldwide. For me, this represents opportunities in terms of networking and developing my career. Also, SKF has a reputation as a company that seeks continuous improvement. After four years at SKF, it’s clear to me that if I am ambitious and take responsibility for my own development, there are many possibilities available. Logically, the next step in my career will be to take a Key Account role and I’m sure that if I show initiative, my chance will come."

From your own experience, how does teamwork express itself within SKF?

"I have great colleagues! They have always been there with support and advice whenever I’ve needed it. The confidence this gives me is a real boost in a role like mine where supporting the customer is vital."

And how about SKF culture – how would you describe this?

"From my perspective, SKF culture is based on delivering customer satisfaction. We have to provide them with products and solutions that allow them to do profitable, sustainable business. Looking inwards, SKF offers a fantastic working environment where teamwork and innovation can flourish."

So you would gladly recommend SKF as an employer?

"Absolutely – and I’ve done so several times already! I would like my friends and branch colleagues to enjoy the same experiences I have."
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