SKF Thruster Monitoring

Integrated solutions for operators and OEMs

SKF thruster monitoring solutions provide integrated condition monitoring for mechanical thrusters in the marine and offshore industries. The highly flexible condition-based maintenance (CBM) solution can be applied to any design of transverse (tunnel) and azimuthing (rotating) thrusters, independent of brand, arrangement and drive option.

The new monitoring solution is applicable to both ship operators and thruster manufacturers, and for aftermarket and new build installations. The solution is based on a range of condition monitoring products and services, including fully on-line installations for vibration, lubricant and process data monitoring. Services can include:
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Remote data analysis and reporting
  • Recommended reliability improvements
SKF has been providing condition monitoring services to the marine industry for many years, and has equipped over 200 propulsion and positioning thrusters worldwide.

Extend class survey intervals and reduce dry docking

SKF Thruster Monitoring supports ship operators in achieving classification agency requirements on CBM, and provides decision making for maintenance and operation based on actual thruster condition. Benefits include:
  • Extended class survey intervals
  • Reduced need for dry-docking
  • Minimized risk of failures
  • Improved ship availability
  • Improved safety
  • Increased profitability

Flexible and fully scalable

The SKF Thruster Monitoring solution combines all required information in one system, which also can be integrated into the thruster manufacturer’s interface. Thus, SKF condition-based maintenance solutions offer great flexibility and are fully scalable. Additional critical machinery systems can easily be added onto the same platform and system.

As a fully tailored system, we recommend you to contact SKF to determine the right monitoring system and service for your needs.
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