Metro cars and light rails

Mass transit railways are becoming an important alternative to cars in the crowded streets of cities and suburban areas. Vehicles like suburban trains, metros or underground and tramways operate world-wide. Sometimes, there are very similar vehicle designs used which can be applied for suburban, metro, light rail vehicles and tramway operations. The accurate definition is, in most cases, dependent on the legal definition that can be based on railway or tramway standards.

These vehicles are equipped with either tapered or cylindrical roller bearing units. In some cases, open cylindrical roller bearings are used. To achieve a lower mass and reduce energy consumption, light designs are preferred. This challenge is also applicable to the design of axleboxes or axlebridges. These designs are tailored to the different customers’ requests. In addition, SKF offers a unique package comprising axleboxes, AXLETRONIC sensors, bogie condition monitoring systems and wheel flange lubrication systems plus service engineering support including remanufacturing options.

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