Bearing mounting and removing in skates

Mounting instructions

The following instructions concern inline skates, quads, skateboards and scooters. Two bearings separated by a spacer are mounted per skate wheel. Whatever the shape and size of the spacer, the bearings are mounted in the same way.

Removing instructions

Bearings must be removed carefully; otherwise there is a risk to destroy them or to make them dirtier than they were before. Bearings should be removed in following cases:

  • Change or interchange wheels when worn
  • Change when wheels are blocked or rolling badly
  • Re-lubricate the bearings
  • Clean the bearings.

Important observations: in-line or skateboard or quads wheels are not designed for easy bearing removal. So, if you remove them without care, there is risk to damage the bearing raceways. To do it properly SKF recommends to use a bearing press (see photo). If you don't have it, the only way to remove the bearings is to use a handy tool with a hook at one end (see photo).

Here are examples of 2 cases for different axle diameters.

Axle of 6 mm diameter:

  • Push on the spacer
  • That will push out the opposite bearing
  • Extract the spacer
  • Hook the inner diameter and extract the second bearing.

Axle of 8 mm diameter:

  • Hook the inner diameter of a bearing and extract it
  • The spacer comes out easily hook the inner diameter of the second bearing and extract it
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