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Corporate Governance

SKF is committed to the principles of efficient corporate governance, all in order to promote business competitiveness as well as investor confidence.

This includes, among other things, maintaining an efficient and clear organizational structure, transparency in financial reporting and good corporate citizenship.
Green Initiative in Corporate Governance
Green Initiative in Corporate Governance
Green initiative in Corporate Governance

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has introduced a 'Green Initiative in Corporate Governance' by allowing paperless compliances by companies.It has issued circulars stating that documents including Annual Report can be sent by email to its shareholders.

SKF India ltd. welcomes this initiative in Corporate Governance which is in line with its focus on eco friendly and sustainable products and services.It also facilitate better communication with our shareholders in the most sustainable way.

Under this initiative we urge our shareholders to make use of the email registration form.Once a shareholder gets his/her email id registered, we will ensure that all the investor related communication will be sent to the email registered in the Folio/ DP ID & Client id.

This will not only facilitate faster communication but also in reduction of our carbon footprint by less paper wastage in correspondence activities.

To be a part of this initiative please download the Email registration form.
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