Mechatronics and Linear Motion

2005 June 22, 12:57 CET

Mechatronics and Linear Motion is business and technology area where SKF is no 1 in the world in its particular range customer offerings.
While most sales and applications are in Europe and USA, there is a fast growing development in Asia. 
The recent SKF acquisition of Jaeger Industrial Ltd, a leading Taiwanesemanufacturer of electromechanical actuators, electronic control units and complete actuation systems gives SKF a major Asian presence to further develop solutions for customers in the region.  
Mechatronics can be defined as; The integration of mechanical, electronic and information technologies to enhance the customer valued functionality.
Mechatronic and Linear Motion systems are use in many industries, the main ones being;
* a wide range of industrial applications
* aerospace,
* medical
* automotive
* aftermarket
Some examples of SKF solutions are;
Siemens Medical Systems and Robert Wolf
For these two companies SKF has designed and delivered two complete medical tables. 
For Richard Wolf the table delivers the functionality that previously needed two different tables. The new table is designed for mobile use and can be quickly and easily moved from one location to another. For Siemens the table is incorporated into a fixed medical system for use in examination and operating theatres.
Specifically designed for the treatment of kidney stone and urology disorders, these new designs makes examinations and operations easier and more comfortable for patients and doctors.
SKF took on the responsibility for the complete design and production of the tables. SKF coupled its in-house knowledge and experience gained from many medical industry applications with its skills in project management to and manage the production of the tables, including key support to get the necessary medical approvals from the relevant authorities. 
The tables include SKF actuation products and systems as well as outsourced items such as the matrass, bed frame, wheels, electronic interfaces and controller etc. Specific SKF knowledge in industrial design in medical systems as well as knowledge of carbon fibre materials were key factors in managing this project from design to delivery.
The tables provide a range of possibilities for doctors to move the patient into the best position for examination or operation. There is horizontal and longitudinal movement, head and foot end "up/down" movement, some degree of sideways inclination and rotation. Both tables can be hand operated or foot operated, and the Siemens table has a fully integrated controller with CANbus connectivity to the system's other controls for imaging and kidney stone dissolution.
Colt International 
SKF has developed an actuation system for controlling the angle of incidence to the Sun of a large secondary facade of the headquarters of Deutsche Post, in Germany. 
The building has a sophisticated control systystem which is communicating via the European Installation Bus (EIB). The EIB communicates with the motion controller developed and manufactured by SKF.
To allow DaimlerChrysler to limit their resetting time of the production line for body parts, SKF developed an actuation system that can be quickly adapted for different body parts.
The system consists of linear servo-actuators that communicate via CAN open bus with the control unit that transmits the new setting positions for the actuators. 

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