SKF Services; a way to increase profitability and competitiveness

2005 June 22, 12:37 CET

SKF's Services contains a range of products and solutions that can be applied independently, or integrated among themselves or with other SKF offers, to provide customers with added profitability and competitiveness. 
The range includes Condition Monitoring equipment, Engineering Design and Consultancy Services, product refurbishing services, internet-based buying/selling (Endorisa) and knowledge sources (@ptitude), various services to reduce maintenance such as predictive and pro-active maintenance contracts, and a full Asset Efficiency Optimisation programme for rotating machinery in complete process or manufacturing plants.  
One of the recent new developments has been the second generation of the SKF Copperhead Fault Detection System.
This system offers an extended capability for 24 hour fault detection monitoring in various applications. First developed for the mining and minerals processing industry, the system can also be applied in monitoring machine tool spindles, small wind turbines, gearboxes, pumps, fans, and railway bogies.  
Unlike most fault detection systems, the SKF Copperhead system monitors the complete machine, not just the rotating components.    
This new generation is designed as a plug & play system and is very easy and quick to install and use. 
The user can configure his system from a front panel making it easy to programme to the current and future needs of the application.
With it’s sophisticated SKF on-line monitoring system SKF is able to monitor equipment around the clock to prevent unplanned downtime. The system aims to increase asset efficiency and to reduce maintenance costs by planning the maintenance and repair tasks well in advance and ordering spare parts at the most appropriate time. This reduces inventory and total cost of maintenance.
Among the many applications of this system is one in an aluminium cold rolling mill in Asia. In addition to the cost benefits mentioned earlier the system prevents mill accidents because in the past serious mechanical failures have caused fire and damaged parts of the mill. After installation of the SKF system results showed that 5 impending early bearing failures had been detected and no accidents had occurred.
The SKF system is part of a so called PRM (Proactive Reliability Maintenance) contract. SKF manages the monitoring of the assets remote from it’s service center and makes sure that the customer is provided with the right information to take preventive measures in time.  
The high-end of the SKF maintenance contract services is the Integrated Maintenance Solution. This is a performance-based service where SKF and the customer share in the risks and rewards of reducing maintenance costs and improving machinery/plant uptime. In such contracts SKF takes responsibility for a defined range and level of the customers maintenance services with specified targets to be achieved in a certain timeframe. An example of such a contract is the Paper Mill of Votorantim Celuose e Papel (VCP) in Brazil. Over a four year period the number of unscheduled shutdowns on some of their machine has been reduced from 33 to zero. Such unscheduled shutdowns save many hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

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