85209 / 85208

Controller for use in single-line lubrication systems

Single-line, panel mounted pneumatic control system model 85209

Model 85209 and 85208 are panel-mounted pneumatic control systems. They control lubrication frequency and monitor supply line pressure. Each system includes a model 85530 controller, model 69630 pressure switch and solenoid-operated air valve. To program, simply follow a user-friendly menu and press the active buttons beneath the display. An internal jumper pin provides security against unauthorized programming. All programmed parameters are automatically stored in memory and can be reactivated easily to display what has been programmed. Three lights on the enclosure door indicate the system status.

Features and benefits:
  • Panel-mounted pneumatic control system
  • Customer can program the controller
  • Security against unauthorized programming
  • All programmed parameters are automatically stored in memory
  • Programmed values can be changed whenever necessary
  • Three lights indicate system status
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