P 603

Electrically operated piston pump

P 603M for use in progressive automatic lubrication systems

The P 603M pump consists of a housing with integrated motor, reservoir with stirring paddle or follower plate, pump element with pressure-relief valve, filling nipple and electrical connection parts. The P 603M can supply up to 100 lubrication points, depending on line length.

P 603S for use in single-line automatic lubrication systems

P 603S automatic lubrication pump
P 603S
The P 603S pump includes the programmable controller, a pressure switch/transducer and a vent valve. It is quick and easy to change out a metering device as the main line or nearby metering devices do not have to be removed. The exchange can be performed between lubrication cycles so that there is no wasted lubricant or excessive costly downtime. An additional pressure switch at the end of larger systems can be used for added pressure control to perform correct lubrication. The P 603S combines internally up to three pump elements to one lubricant outlet.
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