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SIBCO – Complete solutions for bearing housings and accessories

Optimized performance solutions for a wide range of industrial applications

Housing basics

Housings are engineered components which are meant to support the bearing shaft system of the rotating equipment and machinery. Housings are designed for transmitting loads and heat generated by the bearings shaft system to foundation and environment. The bearing housings are usually bolted to a foundation through the holes in the base and are either split type or unsplit type. Split type housings are usually two piece housings where the cap and base can be detached, thereby allowing easy handling in mounting and dismounting. Various seals are provided to prevent dust and other contaminants from entering the housing, which increases the service life and performance.Hence, bearing housings are critical as they help to support the bearing, transmit the loads and heat and also protect the bearing and lubricants from contamination. Thus, the housings provide a clean environment for the incorporated bearings to freely rotate, thereby increasing the performance, reliability and service life of rotating equipment.

SKF has launched the SIBCO range of bearing housings and accessories to meet the market requirements, which are engineered for optimized performance. SIBCO® is an SKF Group brand and the offering under SIBCO cover a wide range of industrial applications, which deliver optimized quality and performance to address the customer needs. The product assortment under SIBCO brand consists of housings, seals, sleeves, locating rings, nuts and washers.

SIBCO SNI Housings

Optimized solutions designed for maximum reliability and minimal maintenance

SIBCO SNI housings are split plummer block housings primarily designed for self-aligning ball bearings and spherical roller bearings mounted directly on cylindrical shafts or on adapter sleeves. The design of SIBCO housings provides different options for the selection of bearings and methods of mounting. All standard SIBCO SNI housings are made of grey cast iron. However, SKF also manufactures a range of SIBCO housings of SNI design in spheroidal graphite cast iron and cast steel. The dimension of the SIBCO SNI plummer block housings conform to ISO 113 standard.

Design Features

Stiffer and robust housing
Stiffer and robust housing
The engineered and optimized design of SIBCO SNI plummer block housings, together with improved material grade, make them more robust compared to other housings in the market. With additional ribs in the base, SIBCO housings are stiffer.
Grease level marking
Greaves level marking
To avoid over-filling, markings at each corner inside the housing base indicate the proper grease level for an initial 20 or 40% fill of the free space between housing and bearing.
Better heat dissipation
Better heat dissipation
There are additional ribs in the base at sides and center which increases the contact area between base and the support surface. This reduces operating temperatures and increases the service life of the bearings, seals and lubricant.
Dimples to lock accessories and improved lubrication facilities
Dimples to locate accessories and improved lubrication facilities
Dimples cast into the housing cap indicate where grease fittings and condition monitoring sensors can be mounted for maximum effectiveness.
Improved markings on housings
Improved markings on the housings
The housing cap and base are matched during manufacturing and are not inter-changeable with the caps and bases of other housings. The serial number on both housing parts is more readable to help avoid any mismatches. The designation on the housing cap has also been enhanced for readability & better traceability.
Simple and easier mounting
Simple mounting and dismounting
To simplify mounting and make alignment more accurate, lines indicating the centre of the bearing seat and housing bore axis are cast into the housing base. Dimples indicate the position for dowel pins.


  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs
  • Increased efficiency andreliability
  • Reduced warranty costs
  • Increased energy savings

SIBCO Accessories

Sleeves, locknuts and lock washers designed for longer life and easier maintenance

SKF through its SIBCO brand offers high quality sleeves which ensure optimal bearing performance. Adapter sleeve is the most commonly used component for locating bearings with tapered bore onto a cylindrical seat, as they can be used on a plain or stepped shaft. Adapter sleeves are easy to install and require no additional location on the shaft. All standard SIBCO adapter sleeves are made of 0.20% – 0.30% carbon steel. However, larger sleeves and sleeves of special types are made of 0.30% – 0.45% carbon steel. The dimension of the metric adapter and withdrawal sleeves conform to ISO 2982-1 standard. Withdrawal sleeves are also available on request as part of the SIBCO range.


  • Better machining quality - Faster, easy and precise mounting 
  • Optimized running performance - Allows higher speed, silent running and minimized vibration.
  • Superior material quality - Higher load carrying capacity and longer bearing service life.
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