Designs and variants

The SKF range of Y-bearings and Y-bearing units for high temperature applications provides solutions for various combinations of operating temperature and speed. All variants are lubricated for the life of the bearing.

Table 1 lists the lubrication type, maximum operating temperature, limiting speed, maintenance requirements and all other primary characteristics of the variants within the range.

Sealing solutions

For high temperature bearings, metallic shields are the primary recommendation when a capping device with low complexity is required. Shields prevent the ingress of solid contaminants into the bearing. They are non-contact, generate almost no friction and do not wear. Due to the material and design, they are particularly well suited for high temperatures.

The capping device on high temperature Y-bearings (designation suffix 2F) consists of a shield and a flinger that create a narrow gap labyrinth seal (fig. 1).

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