Bearing data

ISO 3030:2011 when Fw ≤ 100 mm, as far as standardized

For additional
(→ Tolerances)
  • rollers: ISO 3096:1996 Grade 2 (grade G2)
    • tolerance of each gauge 2 μm
    • standard and special gauges (table 1)
    • specific gauge to be stated when ordering
  • U: ISO 3030:2011 as far as standardized (‑0,2/‑0,8 mm)
Operating clearanceRange of C2 to Normal if:
  • fitted with standard gauge rollers (table 1)
  • recommended raceway tolerances (table 2) applied
  • normal operating conditions
Internal clearanceSpecific ranges: (table 3)
Misalignment≈ 1 minute of arc

The permissible angular misalignment between the shaft and the housing depends on the size and internal design of the bearing, the radial internal clearance in operation and the forces and moments acting on the bearing. As a result, only an approximate value is listed here. Any misalignment increases bearing noise and reduces bearing service life.
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