Oil lubrication

Values for the adjustment factors for oil lubrication can be obtained from diagram 1, diagram 2, diagram 3 and diagram 4, as a function of P/C0 and the bearing mean diameter dm:
  • fP for the influence of the equivalent dynamic bearing load P
  • fν for the influence of the viscosity

=equivalent dynamic bearing load [kN]
C0 =basic static load rating [kN] (→ product tables)
dm =bearing mean diameter [mm]
= 0,5 (d + D)
The viscosity values in the diagrams are expressed with ISO designations, for example ISO VG 32, where 32 is the oil viscosity at 40 °C (105 °F).
The adjusted reference speed for oil lubrication can be estimated using

nar = nr fP fν

=adjusted reference speed [r/min]
nr =nominal reference speed [r/min] (→ product tables)
fP =adjustment factor for bearing load P
=adjustment factor for oil viscosity
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